Projects usually start with a research into the origin of the topic. I am interested in the background and history of objects, techniques, materials and how their existence, use and development through time can tell a story about our culture. Even though some items might seem insignificant, they can provide a context that helps us to simplify and understand our current ways of seeing and behaving. By utilizing these well-known items you can make these cultural stories more accessible and tangible.

The translation from these stories to an artistic work is for hugo the most challenging but satisfying part of the design process. The final outcome is often determined by the artistic medium that best conveys this story. Whether this is a product, exhibition, installation, film or combination.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my work, want to collaborate, or would like to talk about other work opportunities.

I am interested in both the research, design and execution part of a project and have experience in the fields of film art direction, product, exhibition and furniture design.

2014 – 2018

Higher professional education
Product design
Willem de Kooning academy
BA. Completed with certificate

2010 – 2014

Secondary vocational education
Creative craftsman furniture design
Koning Willem 1 college
Completed with certificate

2006 – 2010 

Pre-vocational secondary education
Direction carpenter
Completed with certificate