A fragile theatre building is about to be destroyed by a real-estate company. When strange noises emerge from the vaults, the demolition works are momentarily halted. Slowly, the construction worker Lucien walks inside the building to find out where the sounds are coming from. He finds a secluded artist who refuses to leave and tries to lure him into one final play.

The design approach for this short film was to create a transition and contrast between the outside world ,the world of the protagonist, and the world of the artist who lives inside this magical theatre. We visualized this by the use of colour, making the outside more harsh bleu and the inside more cosy, artificial red and yellow. We created a physical boundary to indicate that within the abandoned theatre, two areas have been kept separate from each other. This boundary was represented by construction foil strung over the stairway. The distinction between these two worlds is amplified by the set dressing. The outside theatre has been trashed and looted, while the world of the artist looks like being frozen in tie and untouched by the outside world.